Health and Wellness

Our commitment to health and wellness is rooted in our mission to help our community become self-sufficient and self-reliant. That journey to independence begins with a strong foundation of health and wellness that includes, but not limited to access to quality health care, medical screenings, access to healthy food options, and meaningful social service options who operate through a lens of trauma-informed care. Our approach is anchored in a comprehensive self-directed care/wellness lens that honors our historic tradition of one of the first neighborhood wellness service providers in the country.

Elders Center

The senior program allows seniors to meet and socialize with one another as well as participate in several planned activities. A monthly schedule is provided so members may plan for these events.

Food Justice

The Flanner House Food Justice initiatives seek to rebirth and maintain our long tradition of providing equitable food access to marginalized communities in the largest food desert in Indianapolis. Food Justice is the belief that everyone in our community should have access to healthy, affordable, culturally appropriate and locally grown food. We envision a food system on the northwest side with the capacity to address the food insecurity and access needs of all residents in our service area and beyond.

Legacy of Food Access

For 118 years Flanner House Inc. has been a hub of community resilience and food justice. Going back to it's inception Flanner House training programs have always emphasized the idea of self-help and community empowerment.

Flanner Farm

The northwest area of Indianapolis is the largest food desert in Indy which makes sustainable urban agriculture in high demand and a much-needed addition for the existing social services and programming of agencies like...


F.E.E.D (Farming, Education, Employment, and Distribution) is designed to develop the knowledge, skills and opportunities for young men and women 16 to 24, who are currently not enrolled in school...

Economic Development

Flanner House of Indianapolis serves to be a networking resource for strengthening the economy, building the workforce and enhancing the quality of life of all current and future residents of the Northwest Area of Indianapolis...

Great Places

Our Great Places designation is the Martin Luther King Jr. Corridor. Dr. Martin Luther King Ill, the son the of the late civil-rights leader, has publicly stated that of all the MLK Streets, Boulevards, and Avenues in the United States, that Indianapolis

North West Area Quality Of Life Plan

A quality of life plan is just what it sounds like; a plan for improving the quality of life in your neighborhood. Quality of Life Plans are created by the people and organizations of a specific area...

Community Asset Development

Development is not just making physical improvements to the properties in our neighborhood. Sustainable Development starts with elevating the physical, intellectual and emotional well-being of the community. We focus our work on an asset based approach to human services and development that places people over property. Community asset development emphasizes development of the whole family and community at large.

Center for Working Families

The Center for Working Families(CWF) are neighborhood-based one-stop shops offering access to such family support services

Co-Located Services

The Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library has been associated with Flanner House for many years. In 1967 a library station was opened in Lockefield Gardens.

Child & Youth Development Center

Flanner House Child Development Center is enrolling for the 2019-2020 School Year we are enrolling all ages: Infants through 5 years. Contact: 317-737-1151, or

All young children deserve a high-quality early education. Flanner House Child Development Center provides a quality, developmentally appropriate, childcare environment. Children can learn, grow and explore, supervised by caring and professionally trained adults. Flanner House is a partner in the progress of developing and maintaining quality environments which are accessible and affordable for young children and their families. Programs and activities which equip children to become engaged learners and strong leaders are provided daily for children ages 1-5. Flanner House Child Development Center is a center where children can learn AND have fun while achieving age-appropriate skills that will promote personal and academic success... read more

Before & After Care

The goal of this program is to offer a wide variety of quality activities for your child. Flanner House provides working parents with a secure, supervised, constructive, learning environment for their children.
Programs are designed for children K-6