Our Great Places designation is the Martin Luther King Jr. Corridor. Dr. Martin Luther King Ill, the son the of the late civil-rights leader, has publicly stated that of all the MLK Streets, Boulevards, and Avenues in the United States, that Indianapolis holds the distinction of being his favorite and having the most potential to live up to the legacy of his father and all he stood for. As partners in this ambitious endeavor, we collectively are working to bring Dr. King’s “Dream” of a thriving, economically prosperous, diverse, and peaceful community to a reality right here in The Northwest Area (NWA).

Great Places 2020 will organize investments within each Great Place into four outcomes — livability, opportunity, vitality and education (LOVE). Together, investments in these four outcomes will tangibly elevate the people, institutions and places at the “heart” of each selected place.


25th and MLK

The lead partner for 25th and MLK is Flanner House of Indianapolis. Showcasing strong partnerships with Center for Leadership Development and Groundworks, including Marian University and Eskenazi Health as anchor institution partners, the 25th and MLK Great Place stands poised to increase connectivity with the completion of Fall Creek Trail, leverage the Canal, White River and Fall Creek as waterway assets that complement Riverside Park, and build upon a vibrant business corridor along MLK, home to businesses like Barbecue Heaven. Building on recent momentum in the neighborhood with a new Herron High School, the new Global Prep Indy and several innovative food enterprises, 25th and MLK can truly incarnate Dr. King’s “Dream” of a thriving, economically prosperous, diverse and peaceful community.